Who We Serve - Businesses


Starting a business is much easier when you get off to the right start. From tax ID numbers to licenses to sales tax accounts and more, we’ll guide you through selecting the proper entity for your venture (S corporation, LLC, sole proprietor). Learn the easy way to track income and expenses and what to do about receipts including tips for home-based businesses. Find out what’s deductible and what’s not, and which deductions have special rules, like mileage, meals, and home office. We’ll also talk about planning for how much tax you’ll owe on your income. If you plan to have employees, we can make payroll easy.

Small Business

Even though your business may be small, it’s a big part of your world. We know that whether you have just one employee or 50 employees, you need reliable tax advice and accounting services. We will help you stay on top of payroll and sales tax, which are the two most common ways businesses get in trouble with taxes. Find out whether you’ve grown enough to make the S corporation a good option for you.

Find out the best way to calculate how much tax you need to pay in, and how to keep that amount as low as possible. We also provide quarterly QuickBooks check-ups to ensure your QuickBooks data turns out right. Or you can let us take that recordkeeping burden off you with comprehensive bookkeeping services.

Established Businesses

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of their accounting and tax needs. Whether you need help with tracking multiple locations or compensating your employees with company stock, we can help you reach the next level. We provide services to growing businesses all the way up to $10 million in revenues or 150 employees. We can work in partnership with your in-house bookkeeper to make sure your reporting is handled correctly.

We provide planning services to ensure you’re structuring your employee benefits for insurance and retirement in the most tax-efficient way for yourself and your employees. Find out how the Affordable Care Act impacts your business. The larger your business is, the more important it is to have an exit strategy in place, such as a buy-sell agreement and a way to value the business.