Who We Serve - Individuals


Find out whether to divide money between your 401(k), traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or other investment accounts. Understand the strategy for which asset classes should be in which type of retirement account to get maximum tax efficiency and reduce complications. We can handle many types of complex investments – from publicly traded partnerships to alternative investments such as real estate, gold & silver, or bitcoin. We can help you evaluate whether it’s better for you to invest your money or focus toward reducing debt, interest, and risk.


You’ve planned for a rewarding retirement and you’ve built up a nest egg – now you need to protect it from taxes. Find out how a Roth conversion could help or hurt – it depends on how your income will fluctuate because of retirement, Social Security benefits, and Required Minimum Distributions.

Get answers to your questions – like whether it’s better to take a lump sum retirement benefit or roll it over into an IRA, or how much tax you’ll pay on your Social Security benefits. Find out whether it’s worth it to keep track of your medical expenses and sales taxes to take a deduction. Ask us about how estate planning may help reduce taxes for the future. Find out the easiest way to get the right amount of tax paid in during the year.

Real Estate Investors

We help you reach your real estate goals through comprehensive advising, accounting, and tax planning services. We will help you claim tax advantages such as depreciation, and guide you through the often-complicated timing issues with rental losses.

We can answer your questions if you are wondering about of protecting your real estate investments in an LLC. We can help you consider all the factors that impact your tax rate when flipping and/or rehabbing houses. If you’re planning on using IRA retirement savings to fund your projects, get some advice to avoid serious tax pitfalls.

People With Income In Multiple States

Whether you moved to a new state recently, or whether you’ve got a job or rental investments in another state, dealing with tax requirements in multiple states can be a headache. We research the tax rules in all 50 states (plus territories) so we can optimally handle your multi-state tax situation. We’ll find out which income is taxable in which state, and get you a credit to offset situations where you may have to pay tax to two different states on the same income. Even though we’re based in Alabama, we do tax returns every year for Georgia, Mississippi, California, Virginia, South Carolina, and many other states

Estates & Trusts

Sometimes taxes are the most complicated during the most difficult of times. Whether you’re dealing with the death of a loved one or preparing to make things easier for your family, we can help. Estates and trusts require specialized tax planning strategies to avoid paying high-income tax rates on relatively low amounts of income. We guide you through the process of minimizing estate and inheritance tax or avoiding it altogether and show you how to structure trusts and gifts in a way that maximizes the step-up in basis that your heirs receive on your investments. We can work closely with your attorney to make sure everything is arranged properly.

  • Form 1041 income tax returns for estates and trusts
  • Form 706 for estate tax
  • Form 709 for gift tax
  • Tax planning for grantors, fiduciaries, and beneficiaries