Who We Serve - Industries

Residential and Commercial Contractors

Contractors face a lot of challenges dealing with scheduling jobs, managing employees, and delivering on promises to customers. Partner with our team to save time and focus your energy on moving projects forward. We can help you select the best depreciation options for your vehicles and equipment to minimize and defer your tax. We will talk through which workers should be independent contractors and which ones should be employees, and we’ll take care of all the tax forms in either situation. If you do any new construction work, ask us about reducing your tax with the Domestic Production Activities Deduction.

Professionals, Consultants & Service Businesses

You keep your business lean and responsive to clients and patients. We will help you find simple solutions to keep up with your books and make filing your income tax return easier. We will keep your tax burden as low as possible, and help you plan for estimated tax payments. Ask us how you can take advantage of the powerful retirement savings options that often work well in these industries. Also, we will discuss whether the time is right to switch to an S corporation.

Repair businesses

From car repair to industrial machinery, the repair industry is a unique blend of service and sales. Get your questions answered about what is subject to sales tax and what’s not. Learn how to steer clear of trouble involving use tax audits. Let us review your profits throughout the year and perform tax planning to make sure you won’t end up with a huge tax balance.