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We use tax laws to your advantage!

How Business Tax Planning Works with Us

You send us your most recent tax return and business books to assess.


Initial Planning:
We evaluate your business tax situation to identify any immediate opportunities.

Fall Tax Planning:
We check over 25 different tax planning strategies looking for ways to save.

Special Opportunities:
May be triggered by gains, purchases, or other changes in your tax situation.

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What's Included with Business Tax Planning?

Standard Level

Advanced Level

Plan Now to Save Taxes!

Have you ever realized that taxes are your biggest expense? And the harder you work, the more tax they make you pay… It’s a sad reality, but our tax planning experts are here to help. We are the only Certified Tax Coach here in the Huntsville and Madison County Alabama area!

When it comes to business tax planning, don’t try to save a few hundred bucks on tax preparation and tell yourself that you are saving money. Work with a professional tax planner who is working hard to reduce your taxes. Many tax preparers are just trying to meet deadlines and tax planning is an afterthought at best. At Bearden Stroup, quality tax planning is a part of our client process.

We are tax planning CPAs and we help business owners save taxes every day. There are many exciting strategies that are only available to business owners. Tax planning is very technical and just making a move at the wrong time can cost thousands of dollars. You need a business tax planning specialist to guide you through these strategies.

Even in our basic package for small businesses we look at 25 tax saving strategies to help business owners save taxes every year. We get excited about helping you find loopholes and claim business tax credits. We send out updates with business tax tips and reminders. We show you how to structure your business to reduce taxes on business profits.

We also know that tax planning requires good communication. As your personal and business tax situation changes, so will the tax strategies and tax planning opportunities. That’s why we focus on communicating with you throughout the year, giving you anytime access to our team of accounting professionals.

We also search out and help you apply advanced tax strategies that many tax preparers don’t even know about. We provide our best business tax guidance and advice because we know that a solid tax strategy is foundational to wealth preservation and financial success.

You can’t afford to ignore your tax situation or wish it would go away. If you have never met with a competent tax planning CPA to get the guidance you need, you have no idea what tax-saving opportunities are being missed. Call us today about a tax planning consultation. We’d would love to explain more about our tax planning process for business owners.


Frequently Asked Questions

You need to look at the business and personal tax returns together to do effective tax planning. In fact, if you don’t have the same tax professional who does your business taxes also doing your personal tax return, then they are flying blind when it comes to business tax planning.

The best time of year for tax planning is the fall. Tax planning often involves taking actions before the end of the year. If you wait until tax season it will be too late for most strategies. Some strategies are best to start early in the year, so the sooner you start tax planning the better.

Absolutely! Different rules apply to Partnerships than the S Corporations than to Sole Proprietors (Schedule C) on a host of tax planning strategies ranging from retirement plans to employee benefits to QBI deductions. This is why it is so dangerous to get your tax advice from the internet. What may be the correct instructions for one type of business can be totally wrong for other entities.

We use our Standard Tax Planning checklist consistently each year together with out fall tax planning questionnaire to identify and take action on tax planning opportunities. Tax planning is part of all our business packages because the tax planning we do is typically our best way to create value for our clients.  

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