Effortless Payroll Management with Bearden, Stroup, and Associates

Simplify your payroll process and ensure accuracy with every paycheck. Our comprehensive payroll services are designed to make your life easier while keeping you compliant with all payroll regulations.

Is Our Payroll Service the Perfect Fit for Your Business?

How Payroll Works with Us

Initial Consultation: 
We learn about your payroll needs and requirements.

Custom Setup:
We apply for accounts, setup benefits, and then we get each employee into the system to calculate tax withholdings and net pay. 

Payroll Processing:
Accurate and timely processing of employee paychecks.

Tax Compliance and Filing:
Managing all payroll tax calculations, deductions, and filings.

Regular Updates and Reports:
Providing you with detailed payroll reports and staying abreast of changes in payroll legislation.

What's Included:

Ready to Transform Your Payroll Process?

Experience hassle-free payroll with our expert services!

Frequently Asked Questions

It allows you to focus on core business activities and reduces errors. Outsourcing with direct deposit also allows you to keep each employee’s compensation secure and confidential even from your own internal accounting team and managers. This is because not even the net pay of any single employee will show up in your online banking, statements, or QuickBooks transactions unlike many integrated payroll solutions.


Large providers may have options that are a better fit for employers with complex HR needs. However, we offer more personalized, responsive service and better pricing for most small businesses than Gusto, PayChex, or ADP Run.

You get access to our payroll experts during business hours. When you have employees in other locations, we can help you apply for all the right accounts and stay in compliance so filings go smoothly for both you and your employees. You won't get the run-around or extra fees if you need help resolving letters from the government.

You get the best of both worlds. We invest in modern cloud-based software so that you can have control and complete access to your information, but we also offer no-hassle local support from real payroll experts who can help you with any payroll problems that you run into.

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