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Our firm exists to provide accounting solutions and financial insight that help business owners enjoy the rewards of their labor. Nearly two decades ago, Joseph Bearden and Elizabeth Stroup joined forces as business tax accountants to launch what is now Bearden Stroup CPAs. We deeply understand the accounting and tax needs of small businesses in North Alabama, and we want to use that expertise to help you build a profitable and successful business.

We believe in supporting our small business clients with year-round communication. That is why we work hard to prevent surprise tax balances and to make sure you know about any new tax laws that would impact your business. You can trust our team of CPAs and tax professionals to reduce your stress, support your business, and save you taxes. Your business isn’t seasonal, and your accountant shouldn’t be either. If you value your time, and you want to keep your business financially healthy, we would love to show you how our team can help!

Our team is driven by dedication to small business owners in the Huntsville area, and we strive to be the best business CPAs Huntsville Alabama. We focus on clients in Madison Alabama, Decatur Alabama, Madison County, and Limestone County. Our work with local businesses has grown steadily as our happy clients enthusiastically share their experiences working with the Bearden Stroup team.

Our Team of Tax Accountants

Business CPA and Tax Accountant Business Consultant

Joseph Bearden, CPA, CTC

Joseph Bearden is a seasoned tax advisor with a wealth of experience in the field of public accounting. He enjoys serving as the President of Bearden, Stroup & Associates, specializing in comprehensive financial and tax advisory services. Joseph has an impressive academic background, holding degrees in both Accounting and Violin Performance. His dedication to excellence earned him the prestigious Faculty Academic Award from Pensacola Christian College, where he graduated at the top of his class.

Drawing on his technical expertise, Joseph derives immense gratification from assisting clients in navigating the complex realm of tax planning. His mission is to alleviate the tax burdens of his clients, ensuring they remain in good standing with the IRS while experiencing a profound sense of relief. Joseph Bearden’s multifaceted expertise in tax advising and his commitment to client satisfaction make him an invaluable asset to individuals and businesses seeking effective tax solutions.

Outside the world of tax advising, Joseph is a skilled musician, excelling on the violin, viola, piano, and organ. He frequently performs special occasions such as weddings and other events as a guest musician, adding a touch of musical elegance to cherished moments. Joseph and his wife & daughters reside in Toney, Alabama, where they enjoy farming and camping and other outdoor adventures together.

Areas of emphasis include: 

  • Certified Tax Coach
  • Corporate tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Employee benefit consulting
  • Tax exempt organizations
  • Multistate and international taxation
  • Estate and trust tax planning and return preparation
  • IRS representation
Business CPA and Tax Accountant Business Consultant

Elizabeth Stroup, CPA, CVA

Elizabeth Stroup is the managing partner at Bearden, Stroup & Associates, CPAs. From a young age she had a passion for business growth and investing. These interests have found a perfect home in the realm of small business where she thrives on challenges and embraces competition. Elizabeth is always eager to discuss tax planning, business consulting, and profit maximization. Her unwavering commitment to knowledge drives her to continually absorb insights from business strategy books and podcasts, translating these strategies into tangible strategic plans for her team and clients.

At the outset of her career as a tax accountant and business advisor, Elizabeth’s achieved national acclaim by winning the prestigious Elijah Watts Sells award for attaining one of the top 10 CPA exam scores in the country. She later added her credential as a Certified Valuation Analyst, to coach her clients in negotiating the purchase or sale of business interests. Elizabeth has the distinction of having one of her valuation reports added to the library of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Elizabeth and her husband Ben reside in Huntsville, Alabama, where dedicates her time to teaching in children’s ministry and small group studies. She has served as a mentor at both the Women’s Business Center of North Alabama and the Christian Women’s Job Corps. When she isn’t reading or pursuing her next big idea, Elizabeth enjoys art projects, travel photography, and playing strategic board games with friends and family.

Areas of emphasis include:

  • Certified Valuation Analyst
  • Small business consulting
  • Business valuation
  • Corporate tax planning and tax return preparation
  • Financial analysis and trend reports
  • Budgeting, projections, and planning
  • Business setup and entity selection
Business CPA and Tax Accountant

Kevin Diehl, CPA

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Business CPA and Tax Accountant Business Consultant

Ashley Harper, CPA

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Business CPA and Tax Accountant

Stephanie Tanner, CPA

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Business Tax Accoountant

Jasmine Hawkins

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Business CPA and Tax Accountant

Anna Luneau, CPA

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Accounting Specialist for Small Business Bookkeeping

Monica Hill

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Accounting Specialist for Small Business Accounting

Alex Frederick

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Accounting Specialist for Small Business Bookkeeping

Amanda Moore

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Client Care for Tax Accountant

Laura Dyer

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Business CPA and Tax Accountant

Amber Bray

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Payroll Specialist for Small Business

Kaylee Thomascik

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Client Care for Tax Accountant

Wylie Trammell

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Call me about business taxes and accounting

Juan Guevara

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Client Care for Tax Accountant

Ash Burkey

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Client Care for Tax Accountants

Jaime Hedden

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Payroll Specialist for Small Business

Lauren Stokes

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Chase Parks

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Drew Lindley

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Business tax preparer

Christian Rohr

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Michael Butz

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