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Ensure accuracy and maximize deductions with our expert business tax services. We navigate complex tax laws so you don’t have to.

Do You Need Expert Business Tax Services?

How Business Taxes Works with Us

Initial Consultation: 
We evaluate your business tax situation to identify any immediate opportunities.

We dig into your books and make sure they are in good shape for tax preparation.

Year End:
We methodically record all year-end adjustments to make sure that nothing is missed.

Filing and Compliance:
Once your return is reviewed and signed, we ensure timely filing of all returns.

What's Included:

Fun Fact: If your LLC wants to be taxed like a corporation, you can choose to file Form 1120 or you can elect to file as an S Corporation for tax purposes. You can see why people get degrees in this stuff!

Don't Overpay on Your Business Taxes

Let our experts maximize your tax savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

A skilled tax preparer knows how to reduce the risk of penalties, fines, or audits related to your tax return. Your CPA should help you identify all the expenses and deductions that can reduce your tax liability.

Yes, we provide full support and representation in IRS audits. Your proposal from BSA will show if you chose to have audit protection included in your flat monthly fees.

Yes, we offer expert tax preparation for LLCs, Form 1065 partnerships, Form 1120S Corporations, and Form 1120 C-Corporations.

We are not just small business CPAs, we are a team of business accounting experts who can look at your business bookkeeping and help you resolve bookkeeping problems before you submit anything you might regret to the IRS.

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